Other Services

Mobile Banking

Cell phones have become our constant connection to the world around us. And banking is no different! Mobile Banking allows you the freedom to check your balance, the most recent activity and even transfer funds.

Round Up Savings

We all could use a little help saving money sometime. At Sicily Island State Bank, we understand the need for a trouble free way to save a little money! With our Round Up Savings program, it is as simple as using your debit card. Every time you make a MasterCard Debit Card purchase, we will round it to the nearest $1 and transfer the difference into your savings account. For more information, contact one of our customer service representatives and start saving today!


What are E-Statements, you ask? E-Statements are a paper free way to get your statement. You will receive an email letting you know your statement is ready to be viewed. This gives you the choice to view, print or save them. No more paper clutter!

Overdraft Protection Program

Sicily Island State Bank is now offering our customers the Overdraft Protection Program. With this program, you are protected when unexpected expenses occur or when you inadvertently overdraw your account for any reason. This service ensures that your items are covered (up to a preset limit including the OD fee) and not returned to the payee. For more information, contact Sicily Island State Bank.

Online Banking w/ Bill Pay

Sicily Island State Bank is proud to offer our customers access to their monies anytime, anywhere for no additional charge. Online Banking allows you access to all your accounts, including loans, without the drive to the bank. Online Bill Pay gives you the freedom to pay bills right from computer without checks or stamps. For more information, contact Sicily Island State Bank.

MasterCard Debit Card

Sicily Island State Bank offers our customers a Free MasterCard Debit Card with any checking account. Our MasterCard Debit Card is accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted. It also gives you availability to any ATM throughout the US. For more information, contact one of our customer representatives.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Rental Fee : $25.00 per year
*Must be an existing customer of SISB to open a safe deposit box

Wire Transfers

Sicily Island State Bank can initiate and receive your wire transfers. For more information, contact the wire department at Sicily Island State Bank.

Schedule of Fees

Service Fee
Stop Payment $30.00
Overdraft Charge (Per Item) $30.00
Insufficient Funds Charge (Per Item) $30.00
Daily Overdraft Fee $2.00
Cashier’s Check $5.00
Check Cashing (Non-Customer) $5.00
Check Cashing (Tax Refunds) 3 % of check amount
Wire Transfer- Outgoing $20.00
Wire Transfer- Incoming $10.00
Temporary Checks $1.50 per check
Bank Statement Balancing $15.00 per hour
Research Fee $15.00 per hour
Research Copies $1.00 per page
Statement or Snapshot $2.00
Extension Fee $30.00
Notary Fee $15.00
Early Closing Fee $25.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental Fee $25.00 per year